Advanced sporty design

Audi collection Motorsport

The Audi collection Motorsport presents you with a selection of products on the themes of DTM, Audi Sport, S line, the Le Mans 24 Hours and Audi Heritage. Audi collection products are characterised by exclusive workmanship and attractive design. Whether clothing, accessories, bags and leather goods or miniatures: every product in the Audi collection is noted for its advanced design, quality and functionality.


DTM means taking on challenges in a fraction of a second. It is essential to be equipped to face them.


Le Mans

For more than a decade, Audi has sent shockwaves of fear through the world of motorsports. Decimating the competition and claiming victory after victory. 24 hours of nonstop endurance, torture and adrenaline finished triumphantly with the Audi R18 e-tron quattro® in first. 

Audi Sport

Proven on a track. Reinforced by a checkered flag. A proving ground for Audi technology, the commitment to motorsport isn’t just for show. It’s a science. The racetrack has repeatedly been a laboratory for successfully developing revolutionary Audi innovations, including Audi quattro® all-wheel drive, e-tron®, TFSI® gasoline and TDI® diesel engines. 

S line

The exclusive design and aerodynamic elements in the S line sport packages deliver an even more intensive driving feel and give your Audi a particularly striking look. They also provide unmistakable inspiration for our accessories in the S line series.

Audi collection Heritage

The Audi brand claim of “Vorsprung durch Technik” applies not only on public roads, but on the racetrack too. The development of technologies that have revolutionised motorsport has a very long history. The basis for the company’s modern-day success was provided, for example, by quattro drive in the early 1980s, a concept that dominated the rally scene for many years.

The Audi collection Heritage pays tribute to these great successes in motorsport with a variety of products.