Audi Miniatures

Unmistakable and unique

A passionate interest in Audi Miniatures involves much more than just collecting – each model is true-to-scale and documents current as well as historical vehicles in the Audi range. Audi miniatures have been developed using original surface data – such exact specifi cations can only lead to unmistakable and unique pieces. You’ll be spoilt for choice with this comprehensive range of models and many new additions, covering several decades of an automotive success story.

Auto Union Type C

This Strictly limited, hand-made edition brings back a racing legend created in a series of ten superb victories in mountain and circuit races in 1936. You'll be captivated by the model's exclusive design, exquisite craftsmanship, select materials and unparalleled attention to detail. Built at a scale of 1:2, this model is already a much sought-after collector's item.

1:18 Series

A passion for collecting on a huge scale: moving doors, a hinged bonnet and a carefully crafted interior recreate the most distinctive features of an exceptional vehicle.


1:43 Series

Each exquisite detail is finished to perfection by highly skilled craftsmen. The result: absolute authenticity and passion in a miniature format.


1:87 Series

It goes without saying that our exceptionally high standards apply even to the smallest Audi Miniature: of course it helps that they’re designed accurately and true-to-scale using CAD data of the originals.


A look back to the origins of Audi history affords a fascinating insight into the evolution of our vehicles – and their Vorsprung durch Technik. From the very beginning.


Our racing cars offer ample evidence of our desire to deliver the ultimate in technical performance and the challenge we have set ourselves of developing groundbreaking new standards. Audi Miniatures document the world of motorsports from 1934 right up to the present day. True-to-scale models are a wonderful way of reliving the fascinating history of motorsports. History – as written by Audi.