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The Audi collection

Audi cars embody our commitment to "Vorsprung durch Technik." Owning an Audi means you benefit from the philosophy of giving everything to achieve only the best. And it's only cars made in that spirit that bear the Audi name and logo. The products in the Audi collection all demonstrate the same exceptional standards of quality, technology, workmanship and design. And that's why they bear the Audi brand name. More Audi: the Audi collection – enjoy it.

Bags & leather goods – simply stylish

The exceptional style and sleek elegance of the leather collection is something altogether special. The high quality cowhide leather with natural grain offers unrivalled sensuality. All the products are hand sewn in Germany and boast a level of craftsmanship seldom encountered.


Accessories – essential optional extras

Admittedly, you can do without most accessories. But life is significantly more pleasurable if you can carry a few about your person as constant companions. Accessories enliven our everyday lives. They are both an expression of individual style and create a sense of personal well-being. Audi accessories are distinguished by their outstanding designs and exceptional quality.


Sport and travel – discover the world of Audi

Of all the activities that brighten up our leisure time, sport and travel are right up there at the fore. For many people, being sporty is a lifestyle choice which expresses itself in lots of everyday items. Travel and holidays are the best of times for many people. Audi has come up with state-of-the-art products for both these areas that combine practicality, quality and design in outstanding ways.

Clothing and textiles – for brand appeal

Products bearing the Audi brand logo can be depended upon to stand out no matter what their surroundings. What we call “Vorsprung durch Technik” in relation to cars has been interpreted in entirely different ways in our other product areas – an aesthetic best defined by a focus on functionality and simple, understated design. Audi textiles are timelessly modern, making them an expression of individual attitude – and bearing the four rings logo.


Audi kids – Audi from the word go

Kids particularly love being allowed access to the world of adults. Doing things like grown-ups is to them something worth striving for. And brands that carry meaning for their parents are often a hit with children too. What could be better than owning a cap embroidered with the brand of daddy’s car? For all Audi fans, young and old, we present the Audi collection kids.


Classics – simply timeless

What we consider today to be a thing of the past, was once the future. In the history of automotive development, Auto Union cars were always milestones of innovation and technology that bore the four rings emblem. Each new generation of the DKW, Horch, Wanderer, NSU and Audi brands represented a step into the future, as it continues to be the case today. These classic accessories are an expression of this great automotive past and of the values to which Audi is committed to in the future.