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Audi Operating Hours

Our valued customers,

We would kindly like to inform you that our timings have changed. Our current operating hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday.

A4 Test Drive in Marassi

The new Audi A4 - state of the art technology and technical precision of the highest standard combined with a distinctive design concept to engage all your senses.

The new Audi A4 makes progress tangible. Test drive will be available at Marassi during July & August so as to get the smoothest and most comfortable driving experience in the place you love.

Audi Service Lounge

Enjoy the balmy summer nights and stress-free preparations for your holiday. Bring your Audi in for an Audi Car Check this summer so that you and your car are as well prepared as ever for the warm season! We made things a lot easier for you this summer. You can now find our Audi Service Lounge in the North Coast located in Total Marina 5 during July & August from 12pm to 10pm. We will also be happy to provide you with advice in person. Call us on 01202086000 . We look forward to seeing you.