Start-stop system

When the vehicle comes to a stop (for example at traffic lights), the shift lever is in neutral and the driver takes his or her foot off the clutch pedal, the system turns the engine off. The engine starts again as soon as the clutch pedal is depressed.

The best way to make efficient engines even more economical: switching them off.

The start-stop system is quiet, easy to operate, and fast – the engine has already resumed idle speed by the time the driver engages a gear. Over the combined cycle, around 0.2 l of fuel can be saved per 100 km – equivalent to about 5 grams of CO2/km. In the stop phase, the driver information system displays a “Start-Stop” symbol. The system can be deactivated at any time at the push of a button. The start-stop system has been available in many Audi models since June 2009.