Vehicle inspection service including exhaust emissions test

The vehicle inspection is one of the regular checks that all vehicles must undergo – and that always seem to come at the most inconvenient time.

Your Audi Partner will be happy to support you by taking care of the whole process and, if desired, carrying out a preliminary check of all components that are relevant to the vehicle inspection to ensure that everything goes smoothly when it is carried out. After the vehicle inspection, you can pick your Audi back up at the agreed time – with confirmation it has passed and the reassuring knowledge that you can be safely on your way. In Germany, as of 1 January 2010, the exhaust emissions test is now part of the vehicle inspection and a separate sticker is no longer required for it. The sticker for the vehicle inspection is only issued if the exhaust emissions test, which may be carried out up to four weeks beforehand, was also passed.
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