Audi Air Conditioner Service
Fresh air all year round

Dust, pollen and other environmental influences can put a strain on the air conditioner in your Audi and can restrict its ability to function in certain circumstances. Prevent this from happening with the Audi Air Conditioner Service which ensures the air is fresh – at any time of year!

Scope of service

During the Audi Air Conditioner Service, all affected components of the air conditioning system, such as the air ducts and the evaporator, are treated and thoroughly disinfected. In addition, the function of the air conditioner is checked and the pollen filter is inspected.

• Causes of poor air quality in the vehicle interior are combated in a targeted manner
• Profound and hygienic effect reduces strain on the airways as a result of pollen, germs and microbes
• Excessive misting up of windows is prevented
• In addition, an air conditioner promotes the comfort and ability to concentrate for all occupants

We therefore recommend that you have the air conditioner in your Audi checked at regular intervals.

Audi Air Conditioner Service with air conditioner cleaning

Microbes and pollen are flushed out of the air conditioner’s evaporator using a spray lance, removing them from the air conditioning system with a lasting effect.
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Audi activated charcoal filter with filtering of odours and pollutants

In addition to dust and pollen, the activated charcoal filter also filters out spores and bacteria as well as gaseous pollutants such as ozone and benzene. This means that the blower can even be used while the vehicle is in a traffic jam or travelling through a tunnel.

Audi activated charcoal filter with filtering of odours and allergens

This not only filters fine particulate matter and harmful gases out of the surrounding air to a large extent; it also reduces many common allergens to a minimum with the help of active substances in the filter. There are further layers which act against fine particulate matter and gaseous contaminants.
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